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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sneak Peak of e in 2011.....shhh

We love giving sneak peaks to our most loyal we're leaking a sneak peak now.

Beginning January 1, 2011 - we are changing the way we offer Botox injections. We love the product and love the results. We also love fostering relationships with our clients.

After years of following laser and aesthetic clients, we have found that the best results are obtained when we treat clients for skincare, laser and Botox.

When we are allowed the capability of truly working with each client - we can save them a considerable amount of money - and who doesn't love that?

We have found our success by not only offering series of laser to correct a skincare concern - but to also maintain those results. That's why, every aesthetic and laser service is 50% off for the rest of your life after intitial series treatments.

We also reward client loyalty. So - beginning 1 Jan, if you are a laser, (and aesthetics is included for free with our laser series treatments) skincare, and botox client -your botox will be reduced to $8 per unit.

(yes, you read that correctly).

If you are not a laser client - meaning - either in a series of treatments, or on a maintenance plan for follow up, and have had at least one follow up) - Botox pricing will remain at $12 per unit - and no longer offered at $10 per unit for 20 units or more. Not a laser client? Don't fret. You have until 31 Dec 10 to start and get your botox for $8 per unit.

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